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Pinterest's Interests - What Do They Mean?

Pinterest's Interests - What Do They Mean? | Pinterest for Business |
Pinterest’s interest in their users’ interests is a big part of what makes the platform so unique. They’re learning about what users are actually interested in seeing and are kind enough to share their findings with us. Below, we explore the four mindsets of pinners laid out by Pinterest, and how marketers can best reach out […]

Via Kelly Lieberman
Peg Corwin's insight:

4 stages of Pinterest users:

 - Just looking,  least likely to purchase.  Add detail and use rich pins.

 -  Maybe I could, slight interest indeterminate date - create how and life hack pins

-  Narrowing it down, in purchase process.  Inform, don't be salesy

-  Know what I need, intent to purchase, so make it easy

Nurture all user mindsets so they go through the steps.

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