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New Data Insights On Pinterest's Potential

New Data Insights On Pinterest's Potential | Pinterest for Business |
Just a few months ago, Pinterest took a big step forward in its utility for businesses by providing free access to its own suite of analytics tools.
Peg Corwin's insight:

Brands should care about the viral nature of Pinterest because "Reach is the first step in the purchase funnel and the first opportunity to compare Pinterest to other social media spending."

Brands should care about click through being close to search results because "if you can calculate the value of inbound web visitors, Pinterest makes it very easy for you to prove ROI today."


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Is Pinterest Traffic Worthless?

Is Pinterest Traffic Worthless? | Pinterest for Business |
You've seen tons of articles raving about it. How it's driving more traffic than anything in the known universe. How you need to be "pinning" and have "
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Why the half-life of a Pinterest pin is thousands of times longer than a tweet or Facebook post

Why the half-life of a Pinterest pin is thousands of times longer than a tweet or Facebook post | Pinterest for Business |

"Sure, you get 70 percent of your clicks in the first two days," Pinquora CEO Shara Verma told me last week. "But there's a huge long tail. Clicks kept coming all the way for 30 days, and even beyo...

Via Kelly Lieberman
Peg Corwin's insight:


Sephora..."says its Pinterest followers spend 15 times more than its Facebook fans. And it’s good to know that if you spend time picking out the perfectly shareable pin, that effort won’t disappear within minutes."

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